LED Canopy Lighting – Scottsdale Vertex™ (SCV)


The SCOTTSDALE® VERTEX™ is the most feature-rich canopy fixture on the market. Two distributions: Symmetric and Symmetric Combination Forward Throw – which makes extra flood lights between canopy and c-store unnecessary. Five lumen packages: 10K, 13K, 15K, 20K, 23K. Convenient field serviceability, silicone optics (shatterproof, non-yellowing and lightweight), low-profile, dimmable, optional Integral Bluetooth™ Motion and Photocell Sensor, simple to install. The ideal canopy solution.

Applications Resources & Photometrics


Name Files

SCV Photometric IES Files

Description: Updated 3/20/2020


SCV LM-79 PDF Reports

Description: Updated 3/20/2020


SCV Revit File

Description: Consult Factory

Reference our Product Specification Sheets and Installation Instructions concerning any limitations that would restrict the use of the IES Design files and LSI Industries Lighting Calculation Tools for specific applications.

LSI Industries (All IES Files)

Description: Updated 3/24/2020 (12mb)


LSI Outdoor LED Fixt. BUG Summary

Description: Updated 2/18/2020




LSI Industries Revit Files

(All Revit Files)

Description: Updated 2/18/2020 (86mb)


LSI Revit Family User Guide

Description: Updated 1/15/2020

(Guide for using LSI REVIT Families & IES Files)




ROI Calculators

(Standard & 5 Fixture)  (Excel format)

Description: Updated 11/12/2018


LED Fixture Images

Description: Updated 1/29/2020 (71mb)


Application Request Form

Description: Updated 4/18/2018


scv vertex


DLC Rebate Lookup Tool

Petroleum Canopy Design Selector

Use the Petroleum Canopy Design Selector to find the appropriate lighting design(s) for your specific needs.

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