Digital Signage

SOAR, a leading LSI Solution, leverages technology to deliver unique scalable solutions that strengthen brand loyalty, improve operational efficiencies and deliver more continuous customer experiences designed to engage, guide and connect with your target customers. From hardware and software selection, to content creation, implementation and 24/7 support, SOAR offers vertically integrated, turnkey digital signage solutions that utilize the latest technologies, creative and strategies for a successful program. As part of LSI’s Graphics Segment, SOAR also offers many options for seamlessly integrating digital components into store designs while maximizing brand impact, including custom built-ins, surrounds and freestanding kiosks.

There are many variables to consider when developing a good digital signage solution and it’s about more than just technology… It’s about identifying a solution that serves your unique objectives, audience and environment, and it’s about integrating digital in a seamless and meaningful way.

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