Courtsider® XL

The Courtsider XL, a sharp cutoff luminaire, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of tennis court lighting. This luminaire’s Forward Throw reflector system projects light only onto the court area, avoiding glare. For aesthetic purposes, the Courtsider XL features a soft profile, complementing the design of today’s tennis facilities, and a choice of colors to blend easily into the tennis court environment.

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CXLS Photometric IES Files

Description: Updated 2/23/216


CXLS PDF Reports

Description: Updated 2/23/2016


Courtsider International Dark Sky Association FSA Certificate

Description: Updated 5/16/2014


LSI Industries (All IES Files)

Description: Updated 11/18/2019 (12mb)


Application Request Form

Description: Updated 4/18/2018


The Courtsider XL

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