LSI Artistic Light Panels

Figments of your IlluminationTM

LSI’s light panels are artistic Figments of Your Illumination™. They are slim, lightweight, quickly installable sheets of versatile, light-emitting material with specially-etched groove surfaces achieved through an exclusive 3D cutting process. The etched grooves allow LED light beams to travel uniformly across the panel surfaces, generating soft, even light with virtually no heat. Artistic light panels’ slim profiles and low power draw suit them to numerous applications, including indoor, outdoor, display, accent and signage lighting.

  • Available in High Output and Very High Output
  • Available RGB Color Changing
  • Available Color Tuning from 2700K to 5300K
  • Maximum size: 120" x 78" or 157" x 65"
  • Minimum size: 2" x 1"
  • Shapes available: Flat panel 2D shapes (circles, ovals, triangles, channel letters), plus some custom 3D curved shapes (upon request)  
  • UL Recognized


LED Wall Sconce (PWM)

American Made

Installation Instructions