Commercial LED Bollard (CBR7)

Retrofit to LED and Start Saving Today!

The CBR7 is a Commercial-grade LED Bollard designed for retrofits and new construction. Recommended for a wide variety of commercial & industrial applications, such as parking lots, strip malls, automotive dealerships, and for general low-level lighting. Multiple CCTs, lumen packages and distributions to meet most lighting requirements. 

  • 7” dia housing with standard height of 42”. Custom heights available
  • Cone and Louvered styles
  • Single, low wattage offering of 15W
  • Lumen output range from 400 – 1,300 lms
  • Distribution types:  Symmetric, Asymmetric
  • Internal House Side Shield (optional)
  • Button Style Photocell – PCI (optional)
  • 3,000, 4,000 & 5000k CCT.  80 CRI 
  • 0-10V dimming drivers
  • Retrofit Adaptor Baseplate (optional)
  • 5-year warranty
•Built with LSI’s own SmartTec intelligence
•Available in two sizes and with Type 2, 3, FT and 5 reflectors
•Available in multiple drive currents (Small;  350mA, 450mA, 550mA and Medium; 350mA, 450mA)
•Surge protectors meet Location Category C-Medium (10,000V; 5,000A) 
•Driver rated for IP68 ingress protection 
•Offers industry's only "breathable" IP67 rated optical system 
•Minimum 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours expected life depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location. See Crossover home page for specific information. 
•Virtually maintenance free – featuring a tool-less removable driver 
•5-year warra
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CBR7 LED Photometric IES Files

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CBR7 LED LM-79 PDF Reports

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CBR7 Revit File

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Reference our Product Specification Sheets and Installation Instructions concerning any limitations that would restrict the use of the IES Design files and LSI Industries Lighting Calculation Tools for specific applications.

LSI Industries (All IES Files)

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LSI Outdoor LED Fixt. BUG Summary

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LSI Revit Family User Guide

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ROI Calculators

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LED Fixture Images

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Application Request Form

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