LSI Milestones

1976 LSI Founded with 6 employees, in a 3,000 sq. ft. facility First LSI logo
1980 First office/manufacturing facility
1985 LSI goes public
1987 Introduced 1 + 1 = 3 (Lighting + Graphics = Image)
Jan. 1988 Acquired Greenlee Landscape Lighting Co.
Jan. 1989 Acquired Abolite Lighting
Mar. 1989 Acquired SGI Integrated Graphic Systems L.P.
1989 Built corporate headquarters on 32 acre site
1989 Opened pole plant
Feb. 1990 Acquired Duramark Europe
1992 Sold Duramark
Mar. 1994 Acquired metal fabrication plant
1995 Formed LSI IMAGES – Division of LSI Industries Inc. (menu boards for fast food market)
1995 Opened LSI Image Center
Jun. 1997 Acquired Grady McCauley Inc. (graphic products)
Feb. 1998 Acquired Marcole Inc. (wiring harness products)
Jan. 1999 Acquired Midwest Lighting Inc. (interior fluorescent lighting products)
Apr. 1999 Acquired Retail Graphics Inc. (graphics products)
Nov. 2000 Acquired Lightron of Cornwall, Inc. (interior lighting products)
Jan. 2001 Acquired Adapt (product installation management)
2001 Consolidated all companies into one unified corporate branded identity
Aug. 2001 License & Supply Agreement for Australia & New Zealand with Hamilton Lighting
Jun. 2006 Acquired Saco Technologies (LED technology)
2007 Introduced LSI LED Displays + Digital Signage
2007 Introduced LED Canopy fixture (first LED lighting fixture)
Jul. 2009 Acquired AdL Technology (LED technology manufacturing facility)
Nov. 2009 Introduced the iZone - LSI's Technical Education Center
Mar. 2010 Sold LSI Marcole
Mar. 2010 Announced plans for international expansion
Jun. 2010 Moved Greenlee production to Cincinnati
Jun. 2010 Partnered with LSI International to take the LSI brand global
Nov. 2010 Built and opened the Electronics Manufacturing Center (EMC) in Cincinnati, Ohio
Nov. 2010 Introduced LSI's Graphics Marketing Center in Cincinnati, Ohio
Mar. 2012 Aquired Virticus Corporation
May 2012 LSI opens Canadian iZone

A strong future is built on a strong past with a vision. 

"From the beginning LSI's vision has been one of growth.  Growth that was established through acquisitions, product development and market penetration while maintaining a strong balance sheet.  The new vision is to now take the success of our history and build a worldwide LSI market with the same strategies, planning and implementation."

- Bob Ready

  Founder, Chairman & CEO