Gramercy Garage, Cincinnati, OH

gramercyWorking with the City of Cincinnati on a major energy upgrade of 7 downtown parking garages, Honeywell selected LSI’s LED XPG and XPG3 parking garage fixtures to upgrade the existing 150-watt HPS lights in the Gramercy Parking Garage. With the HPS fixtures, the lighting had fallen below industry standards. By upgrading to the LED system, the lighting was significantly improved as the new LED fixtures provide a clean, white light as compared to the yellow cast from the high pressure sodium lamps. Further the LED fixtures deliver uniform lighting across the space which dramatically aids in ‘seeability’ by both pedestrians and drivers. In an effort to improve its customers’ drive-thru experience, as well as the overall efficiency of its lighting system, a major U.S. bank company decided to upgrade the lighting in the drive-up area. Partnering with LSI Industries, they elected to explore LSI’s LED lighting solutions.