LSI Launches Feature-Rich, Best-In-Class Scottsdale Vertex Petroleum Canopy Fixture


The LSI SCOTTSDALE® VERTEX™ LED Gas Station Canopy Lighting Fixture is the most feature-rich canopy fixture in the marketplace. Innovations such as combined optical distributions (Symmetric, plus Symmetric Combination Forward Throw which eliminates the need for supplemental flood lighting between canopy and c-store), five lumen packages (10K, 13K, 15K, 20K, 23K), convenient field serviceability, silicone optics (shatterproof, non-yellowing and lightweight) and simple installation make the Vertex the ideal canopy solution. This advanced, low-profile canopy fixture is available with a wide variety of retrofit accessory solutions. Dimmable. Wireless controls available. White, black and bronze standard finishes. 

Petroleum Canopy Design Selector

Use the Petroleum Canopy Design Selector to find the appropriate lighting design(s) for your specific needs.

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