CHB LED High Bay

The CHB LED high bay is designed for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and retail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, sporting venues, big-box stores and more. The housing material and finish provide high levels of durability and performance. Energy and maintenance cost savings are achievable via the CHB’s high efficacy and long-lasting LEDs.

• Rigid housing is die-formed thick gauge steel for consistency and strength.

• Access panel provides quick access to wiring and driver connections.

• Optional no lens version provides high efficacy.

• Optional diffuse acrylic lens eliminates bright spots from individual LED’s and provides high vertical illumination and visual comfort.

• Use of closely spaced medium-power, high brightness chips provide uniform lens luminance with no dead spots.

• High-performance driver features over-voltage, under voltage, short-circuit and over temperature protection.

• 0-10 volt dimming (10% - 100%) standard.

• 5-Year Warranty 

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