The New LSI LED AureusTM - Interior Low Bay/High Bay Lighting

The LED AureusTM is the next generation of Interior Low Bay / High Bay lighting. Offering a symmetrical distribution that delivers horizontal and vertical uniformity, glare control, and visual comfort, the Aureus is designed to be a replacement for 250W-400W HID fixtures (one for one).  Multiple mounting options make the Aureus ideal for use in commercial, retail, restaurant, and convenience store applications.    

  • Round extruded aluminum housing
  • Lumen outputs ranging from 15489 to 23923
  • 22” shallow acrylic prismatic refractor (clear or frosted) – open, conical prismatic, or flat clear acrylic lens.      
  • 3500K, 4000K, 5000K color temperatures
  •  0-10 volt dimming enabled with controls by others.
  • Virtually maintenance free

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