LSI Industries Inc. - Proud to Receive 2013 MANNY Award from Cincy Magazine


LSI Industries Inc. is honored to be a recipient of the 2013 MANNY Award from Cincy Magazine, a leading business publication in Greater Cincinnati. This prestigious award has been given annually for the past four years to outstanding manufacturing companies for their innovation and best practices in the Tristate. LSI was given the award in the Biggest Breakthrough category for its innovative Sterling™ LED area light fixture. LSI also received the 2010 MANNY Award for its Crossover LED Canopy fixture in the Green category.

In 2005 LSI recognized the emerging benefits of LED technology as a white light source for light fixtures that would provide excellent lighting performance while using considerably less energy than traditional light sources. LSI has been very deliberate in the development of its LED lighting products. We made and continue to make significant investments to develop the best LED technology, which we identify as our Crossover LED technology, in the industry.

LSI’s new Sterling LED area light is sure to take LED lighting to new heights. Scott Ready, President, LSI Industries Inc. commented, “Historically light fixtures have been designed with a central light source including a lamp, reflector and lens (glass or acrylic) in the middle of the fixture. It distributed a splash of light below the fixture. With the advances in LED technology, LSI saw an opportunity to design an optical system dramatically different from the traditional paradigm. A system that delivers light precisely to the areas you want to light so customers could more effectively and efficiently light their outdoor parking lot space. This breakthrough is accomplished by four precisely angled, side mounted, optical LED modules directed at the targeted area to light. LSI’s new Sterling™ (XSB) area light features this innovative new optical design which is a dramatic departure from what we have known.”

In addition, the Sterling’s light distribution performance increases the effective area lit by over 70% as compared to other current generation LED area lights. This allows us to design lighting layouts that use fewer fixtures with wider poles spacings because of the wide distribution light coverage from this fixture which translates into saving to the customer as far as the cost of the light fixture, installation, and maintenance and energy usage. LSI knew it wanted to offer this fixture with optional controls for increased light and energy management. By utilizing LSI Virticus wireless controls, integrating the control system inside the fixture was a snap. These are several of the key features that contributed to the Sterling being selected for the 2013 MANNY honor.