LSI Industries Introduces the Sterling™ - Most Innovative LED Area Light Since the Introduction of White LED


LSI Industries has taken LED performance to a whole new level with its newest LED area light solution called the Sterling (XSB). Featuring LSI's proprietary Zonal Optics in its attractive one-piece die-cast housing, the Sterling's LED optical assemblies and 5 distributions give you tremendous flexibility in how you light your space. These patented, angled LED optical assemblies are purposely positioned to deliver light with precision control for greater uniformity and increased distance between pole assemblies. As a result, fewer light assemblies are required, translating to lower installation costs with a quick payback.

Further, the Sterling is available with optional LSI Virticus integrated wireless control and information systems. The luminaire, complete with controls, is designed and manufactured in LSI's US facilities to help you best manage your light and energy consumption. It is the Sterling's proper balance of efficacy, distribution efficiency and high lumen output that delivers superior lighting.