LSI Industries Inc. Video Display Will Shine in Cincinnati's Downtown Fountain Square Plaza

Cincinnati's downtown Fountain Square Plaza, a central gathering spot in the heart of the city for more than 2 million people each year, will soon feature a new LED video display from LSI Industries Inc. Measuring 30.45' H x 42.5'W, the new full color display will be installed atop Macy's department store where it can be seen blocks away.

LSI's newly designed 16mm surface mount LED video display is designed and built upon LSI's cutting-edge SmartVision® LED technology. The new higher resolution video display has 470,000 pixels, more than three times the amount of the original Fountain Square LED video display. Given the technology and design, it will offer unmatched viewing angles and clearer, crisper image quality than the traditional lamp LED. The display is LSI's latest generation outdoor display featuring the newest outdoor surface mount LED technology.