DLC Approves CRS LED Family

CRS fixtureThe DesignLights Consortium (DLC) is a collaboration of utility companies and regional energy efficient organizations committed to raising the awareness of the benefits of efficient lighting, and with the goal of ensuring that high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design becomes commonplace in all lighting installations.


LSI is pleased to announce that the DLC has approved our CRS family of fixtures as qualified products listed for rebate eligibility, which is our newest addition to several other Crossover® family products having received DLC approval in the past. The qualified products list is a resource for program administrators to help them decide which solid state lighting products (LED) to include in their specific energy efficiency programs.


Because of this listing, our customers can now more easily obtain utility rebates when installing CRS products, making a highly energy efficient choice even more cost effective and with an even more incredible return on investment (ROI).


LSI's Crossover Gold canopy lighting is sure to become the #1 LED canopy lighting solution in the marketplace, and this listing by the DLC has just made a great solution even greater!