XHB High Bay

LSI Industries Inc. has introduced its LED high bay fixture, called the XHB. Built upon LSI's Crossover® LED technology platform, the LED high bay is an excellent retrofit or new construction choice to use instead of traditional metal halide or fluorescent fixtures. The new XHB delivers excellent lighting performance, using significantly less energy than traditional light sources (60% - 70% over HID and 25% - 35% over fluorescent). The XHB can be used in factories, warehouses and any other indoor application that demands a rugged fixture.

With LSI's XHB high bay fixtures you will enjoy - 

• Choice of 104 and 128 LEDs  (Cool White color temperature)

• Unsurpassed system efficiency, control and protection from the innovative 350mA driver

• Outstanding performance from LSI's innovative TriLumeT optics 

• Virtually no maintenance - 60,000 - 100,000 hour expected life 

• Green Design – RoHS Compliant; recyclable glass & aluminum. No Mercury