LSI Industries Inc. introduces its new Crossover LED wall sconce

With sweeping architectural lines, the Crossover Patriot wall sconce delivers exceptional uniformity with full cutoff to create a brighter environment at lower light levels, making it ideal for entrance, egress and security lighting. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, the Crossover LED Patriot wall sconce will enhance any site. With Crossover Patriot wall sconce fixtures you will enjoy:

• Choice of 28 or 48 LEDs

• LSI's innovative TriLumeT optics -- multiple optics and drive current choices to create the lighting best suited for your application

• Wide Throw, Forward Throw and Wall Wash reflectors

• 350mA and 450mA drive currents

• Cool White and Neutral White color temperatures

• Surge protectors that meet Location Category C-Medium standards (10,000V; 5,000A)

• Thermal management system that won't lose effectiveness over time to give you the lowest internal operating temperatures possible

• Optional motion sensor for additional energy savings

• Emergency options that meet NFPA-Life Safety Code requirements

• Virtually no maintenance - 60,000 - 100,000 hour expected life

• Energy reduced up to 68% compared to HID

• Green Design -- RoHS Compliant; recyclable glass & aluminum. No Mercury.

• IP65 Rating

The Crossover Patriot Wall Sconce is the result of LSI's 35+ year experience in delivering revolutionary lighting solutions.