LSI Industries Helps Tampa General Hospital Dramatically Cut Electrical Load with Crossover® LED Lighting

As one of the most comprehensive medical facilities in West Central Florida, Tampa General Hospital recognized a valuable opportunity to dramatically reduce its energy consumption by updating the exterior and interior lighting of its 4000-car parking garage with LSI Crossover LED fixtures. The newly lit parking garage was an attraction at the July 2010 ASHE (The American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association) Convention in Tampa.

Given the large scale of the campus, approximately 2 million square feet, the hospital was responsible for maintaining nearly two thousand HID garage, site, and wall mount fixtures to light the parking area. The sheer volume of energy and maintenance costs presented a challenge and financial opportunity that could not be ignored.

The overall scope of the project included a 1 for 1 retrofitting of the existing metal halide site, garage, wall and canopy fixtures with LED. The existing fixture replacement involved a 1 for 1 retrofit in the 15’ high top garage. On the garage interior (167) 150-watt metal halide garage luminaires spaced on 23’ x 23’ centers were replaced with 79-watt Crossover XPGHL 68 fixtures.

On the top deck, the site replacement consisted of changing out (62) existing vertical lamped, 250-watt metal halide, pole and wall mounted “shoebox” fixtures with (62) Crossover XAM 137-watt LED luminaires. The successful retrofit provided a lower acceptable average while producing very uniform lighting with no shadowing or unlit parking spaces. Phase II and completion are currently underway with recessed and surface canopy fixtures being replaced and the remainders of the existing Visitor parking garages are undergoing 1 for 1 replacement.

The LED upgrade has not only significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs, but the overall image of the well lit facility is dramatically enhanced. The new LED lighting will result in a 50%+ annual savings in energy and maintenance costs, with a payback of less than 3 years.

Tampa General’s investment and commitment to this new LED lighting program demonstrates world class leadership and support to green initiatives and responsible conservation.