LSI Receives Notice of Green Mark Gold Award

Recognizing the success of the Chevron Image Refresh program in the United States, Chevron embarked upon efforts to implement these design strategies with their brands overseas. Together, LSI and Chevron implemented a new image, including a variety of energy efficient LED lighting products and exciting graphic elements, for the CalTex brand at a prototype site in Singapore. LSI's Crossover® LED canopy lighting was an integral part of the pilot program for their 'green initiative'.

LSI Industries was recently notified that this Caltex site was awarded the Green Mark Gold Award by the Building and Construction Authority, an agency under the Ministry of National Development. This agency is dedicated to building excellence in Singapore. As noted by one of the Caltex team members, "The "green" design was calculated to use 31% less energy per year; however, we actually realized a significantly greater savings. The maintenance cost has also been reduced significantly as a result of the energy saving features that we put in place and the station obviously looks good too."

LSI is proud to be part of this exciting project.