LSI Helps the Houston Skyline Look More Divine


LSI Graphic Solution Plus helped the Mission Companies adorn the east and west sides of the St. Joseph Professional Building, adjacent to the St. Joseph Hospital, with two 154’ tall by 86’ wide glowing crosses and two sets of illuminated channel letters. The indirect lighting approach LSI used to illuminate the crosses provides an interesting halo effect that is certain to attract attention. The solid-state LED lighting used in the Gensler inspired design delivers both the benefit of an impactful addition to the Houston downtown skyline and substantial energy savings.

The energy required to run each cross is less than it takes to run a single 1500 Watt hair dryer. Each cross is constructed of aluminum composite material and houses 1,260 1.16 Watt LEDs

The previous neon channel letters that sat atop the St. Joseph Professional Building consumed 28,800 Watts of electricity when both sets were lit. How does that compare to the new, exact same size letters? Each set when illuminated consume only 480 Watts. That’s right, both sets consume less energy than a common household coffee maker.

As a result, the new solid-state lighting LSI incorporated in the replacement channel letters and the new crosses result in an energy savings of over 85% from the previous channel letters alone. How does this translate into real world dollars and cents? To illuminate both crosses and channel letter sets with LSI’s solid-state LED for 8 hours a day, costs less than $4.72 per day.

So, just think when you’re getting ready for work in the morning making that pot of coffee and drying your hair you could be lighting up the skyline too.

“We are delighted with the final look of the cross and the new signs. The LSI team did an excellent job with the design and construction of our project,” said Dennis Nelson, of the Mission Companies.