LSI Industries Adds to Fluorescent Product Line


LSI Lighting Solutions Plus has added four new fluorescent fixtures to its indoor line. All are highly energy-efficient, using leading edge technology and innovative fixture design, to ensure outstanding illumination for ambient, task and highlighting applications, making them ideal for many market applications. In addition, the new fixtures have numerous labor and maintenance saving features.

Introducing the:

PEC - Peak Efficiency Direct-Indirect Fixture - outstanding space-to-mounting height ratios; Industry leading efficiency, and contemporary design

MWW - Micro Wall Wash Fixture - Extra Compact linear recessed wall wash with multiple design features and high efficiency

MMX - "Mini-Max" Louvered Retail / Industrial Fixture - small profile, high efficiency fixture; designed for Retail and Industrial accent and general lighting.

AIS - Industrial Aisle Lighter - 98%+ efficiency; uniform horizontal and vertical illumination for applications ranging from Low Bay to Highbay in excess of 40 feet.