LSI Introduces LED Inground Lighting Solution

Crossover XIG6/30/2009

LSI Lighting Solutions Plus recently added an LED inground lighting fixture to its Crossover® LED lighting offering.Called the Crossover XIG, this direct burial fixture delivers uplighting to architectural and landscape features.  Consider these benefits;

  • Excellent Lighting - high performance LED lighting with optimized beam control and external aiming adjustability
  • Cool Touch Lens - reduced risk of burns to individuals in contact with fixture
  • Significant Energy Savings –  up to 75% when compared to metal halide fixtures
  • Superior Thermal Management - fixture specifically designed around LEDs to ensure a superior cooling system
  • Modular Design –  easy to install; compact, low profile style designed especially for shallow sites
  • Expected Life – minimum 60,000 - 100,000-hour life depending upon ambient temperature of installation location
  • Drive-over Capability - up to 4,000 pound vehicle weight
  • IP68 Rated - factory sealed to ensure moisture and dirt never enter the fixture
  • Made in the USA