LSI Industries Launches New High-Performance Gasoline Canopy Fixture

Cincinnati, OH, April 24, 2020 – LSI Industries (NASDAQ: LYTS) said today that it has launched a new high-performance, highly configurable LED light fixture for gasoline canopy applications. The company’s new Scottsdale® SCM luminaire is manufactured in America and gives petroleum station owners more illumination options when considering the photometrics, architecture and size of their facilities. Ideal for both new and retrofit construction projects, the new canopy light is designed to be surface mounted and features a sleek, modern appearance and a low profile.

LSI’s new SCM canopy fixture delivers concentrated, symmetric illumination with outputs ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 lumens at 3K, 4K and 5K color temperatures. In addition, the fixture can be configured with motion sensors and wireless controls to meet California’s Title 24 energy conservation requirements. It is also compliant with Design Lights Consortium (DLC) premium standards, allowing customers to qualify for energy rebates. The new product is IP66 rated, making it water resistant, and safe for Class II, Division 2 locations.

The SCM fixture is the latest addition to LSI’s line of Scottsdale canopy luminaires – industry-leading products have been revolutionizing petroleum lighting since 1995. The SCM was designed entirely by LSI – reflecting the company’s proud 44-year heritage of petroleum lighting innovation. This new product represents another milestone in LSI history, and reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to produce high-quality, high-performance and flexible products for its customers.

SCM fixtures are American-made and available in black, white and bronze, and most configurations can be shipped within 10 business days after an order is placed. Product specifications and data sheets are available in the products section of the company’s website at