LSI Technical Design Services' Design Selectors Available Here

Petroleum Canopy Selector

Petroleum Canopy Design Selector

Utilize the Petroleum Canopy Design Selector to select the optimum Vertex or SCS petroleum canopy layout designs based upon Fixture Series, Canopy Style & Size, Fixture Distribution, Desired Foot-candle Average, Fixture Color Temperature, and Canopy Watts/Square Foot.

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Parking Garage Selector

Parking Garage Design Selector

Utilize the Parking Garage Design Selector to select optimum Excursion or CPG parking garage layout designs based upon Fixture Series, Fixture Color Temperature, Typical Fixture Spacing, Fixture Mounting Height, and Desired Foot-candle Average.

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Create-A-Court Selector

Create-A-Court Design Selector

Utilize the Create-A-Court Design Selector to select one of four Sport Applications, Court Layout, and Type of Facility to generate the optimum fixture configuration using the LSI LED Court Blade fixture.

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