New LED Interior Fixtures

LSI Industries recently introduced a number of high performance LED interior lighting fixtures to further expand its family of LED products.

Indoor LED

  • LED High-Efficiency Static Troffer  -  GA
  • LED Dome Wrap  -  DW
  • LED Low Profile Wrap  -  WNA
  • LED Wall / Ceiling Mount  -  W44
  • LED Precision 1x4 Wrap  -  88
  • LED Interior Retail Ceiling  -  CIRU
  • LED Hi-Output Surface  - CRU SM
All feature high-performance LED optical systems to delivery brilliant, white light to the appropriate horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Each new fixture is available in a variety of sizes, color temperatures, lumen outputs and mounting options to address your specific space and application  - ambient, wall wash or task lighting. In addition, these fixtures have a choice of controls for extra energy savings.  LSI's energy-efficient LED interior fixtures are designed and built to be virtually maintenance free and carry a limited 5-year warranty