LSI's LED High Bay Family Just Got Brighter!

LSI Industries is pleased to announce two additions to its LED XHB3 High Bay family;

The XHB3 176 – Featuring a 176 LED lumen package for high light output (26,000 lumens), making it ideal for 25’ – 40’ mounting heights.
Perfect for retrofit or new construction
Highly energy efficient - 3 times as energy efficient as standard HID and 1 ½ time as energy efficient as T5HO fixtures
Choice of color temperatures, distributions and drive currents
Integral motion sensor and dimming for additional control of performance and energy consumption
Aisle Lighter Distribution – Ideal solution for lighting narrow aisles

  • Available in LSI’s XHB3 128 and new XHB3 176 fixtures so you get the amount of light you need
  • Delivers uniform light on the floor with great vertical illumination on the racks

Further, LSI’s XHB3 family fixtures are virtually maintenance-free with an expected life of up to 100,000 hours – making them ideal for factories, warehouses, gymnasiums and any other indoor application that demands a rugged fixture.