Mosaic Gold: Brilliant Built-Wood Montage

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Custom wood décor of massive scale and complexity comes together brilliantly.

LSI Graphic Solutions worked with a national grocery account customer to produce a series of unique décor elements including a 480 square foot wood construction mosaic wall.

Mosaic Gold Detail

The piece exhibited extensive upfront design and engineering work with over 100 drawing files created before beginning construction of the mosaic’s 15 panels. White Oak Sawn was milled and imported from Canada and then hand cut into 172 unique pieces. Each piece was mounted onto one of the 15 panels weighing between 105-150 pounds each. The precise design and engineering work allowed for the entire mosaic to be assembled in only two days. The end result was a custom wood wall that measured 60 feet long and 8 feet high and weighed over 2,000 lbs. Additional décor elements included a large, fabricated pallet wall featuring dimensional elements and letters mounted to metal rails.

As a leading visual image company, LSI Graphic Solutions utilizes advanced manufacturing and implementation capabilities to deliver some of the largest, most complex and unique imaging programs in the industry. Our experience and capabilities made us the perfect manufacturer to ensure consistency, accuracy and speed while producing this large and naturally sourced décor element.

Mosaic Gold Detail Mosaic Gold Detail Mosaic Gold Detail

“We combined wood, metal, plastic, screen printing, digital printing, welding and fabrication for completion.”

– Industrial Designer