LSI LED Patriot Area Light (XPT3) and Retrofit Kit (XPT3K)

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LSI’s LED Patriot area light brings the qualities introduced with the HID Patriot family into the realm of LED. The XPT3 combines LSI’s industry leading LED Crossover technology with an attractive, distinctive architectural design featuring sleek, sweeping curves - ideal for general parking lot lighting applications. Exceptional high-brightness LEDs result in higher light levels and significant energy savings. The compact aerodynamically styled die-cast aluminum housing contributes to dramatically lower EPAs which translate into being able to use lighter gauge poles, lowering initial cost of ownership.

An XPT3 LED Patriot retrofit kit is also available!  Retrofit your HID PTH fixture with this one-piece kit and start saving energy immediately.  The XPT3K is simple and easy to install.

Complementary LED wall sconce (XPWS3) available

Built with LSI’s SmartTec™ Intelligence

Tool-less entry

Lighting Performance –

  • Cool White and Neutral White LED Color Temperature
  • Reflector Distributions – Type 3, 5 and FT
  • Two Drive Currents – 350 mA and 450 mA

Integral motion Sensor (IMS) Energy Saving Control Option Available 

5-year Warranty


Applications Resources & Photometrics
Name Files

XPT3 Photometric IES Files

Description: Updated 4/20/2017


XPT3 LM-79 PDF Reports

Description: Updated 4/20/2017


XPT3 International Dark Sky Association FSA Certificate

Description: Updated 5/16/2014

The LSI Industries’ IES Design files (IES Photometric Files) and the LSI Industries Lighting Calculation Tools are provided to enable our customers to perform lighting calculations using LSI products. Please reference our Product Specification Sheets and Installation Instructions concerning any limitations that would restrict the use of these products for specific applications.

LSI Industries (All IES Files)

Description: Updated 2/21/2018 (14mb)


LSI Outdoor LED Fixt. BUG Summary

Description: Updated 1/8/2018




LSI Revit Family User Guide

Description: Updated 10/27/2017

(Guide for using LSI REVIT Families & IES Files)


LSI Revit IES Library

Description: Updated 10/3/2017

(Download to use with the LSI Revit Families)


LSI Industries Revit Files

(All Revit Files)

Description: Updated 10/3/2017 (105mb)


LSI Industries Revit Files Metric

(All Metric Revit Files)

Description: Updated 10/3/2017 (109mb)


Steel Poles Revit Files

Description: Updated 11/23/2016


BKS-BO-PA-40-CLR Revit File

Description: Updated 8/17/2016




Room Illumination Estimator

US & Metric Versions (Excel format)

Description: Updated 12/22/2017


Warehouse Illumination Estimator

US & Metric Versions (Excel format)

Description: Updated 11/13/2017


LED Fixture 3-D AutoCad Models

Description: Updated 10/3/2017 (14mb)


LED Fixture 2-D AutoCad Line Dwgs.

Description: Updated 12/5/2017 (43mb)


LED Fixture Images

Description: Updated 12/5/2017 (18mb)


ROI Calculators

(Standard & 5 Fixture)  (Excel format)

Description: Updated 12/21/2017


Application Request Form

Description: Updated 7/8/2016