LSI LED Challenger® Wall Sconce (XCHWM3)

The LED Challenger Wall Sconce XCHWM3 is an integral component of your architectural design.  Indoor or outdoor, general illumination, focused accent spotlighting, or a simple extension of your architectural statement, the XCHWM3 combines versatility and performance with sleek, aerodynamic styling for the perfect complement to your architectural experience.  Built with LSI’s industry leading LED Crossover technology, this energy efficient wall-mounted fixture creates a brighter environment at lower light levels, making  the XCHWM3 ideal for entrance, egress and security lighting.

Complementary LED area light (XCHM3) available

Built with LSI's SmartTecTM Intelligence

Lighting Performance -

  • Multiple LED counts - 28 or 48 LEDs
  • Neutral White and Cool White LED Color Temperature
  • Reflector Distributions – Type FT, WT or WW
  • Two Drive Currents – 350 mA and 450 mA

Optional motion sensor for additional energy savings available

Emergency options that meet NFPA-Life Safety Code requirements available

Two-stage surge protection (including separate surge protection built into electronic driver) meets IEEE C62.41.2-2002, Scenario 1, Location Category C

‘Breathable’ IP67 rated optical system

Virtually maintenance free

Life Expectancy – up to 100,000 hours expected life depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location

5-year Warranty

Applications Resources & Photometrics
Name Files

XCHWM3 Photometric IES Files

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XCHWM3 LM-79 PDF Reports

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XCHWM3 International Dark Sky Association FSA Certificate

Description: Updated 5/16/2014


LSI Industries (All IES Files)

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LED Exterior Lumens-Watts-BUG Summary

Description: Includes both Excel and PDF Formats: Updated 9/15/2014


LED Interior Lumens-Watts-LER Summary

Description: Includes both Excel and PDF Formats: Updated 10/8/2014


LED Fixture 2-D AutoCad Line Drawings

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LED Fixture Images

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Crossover Multi-Fixture ROI Calculator

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Crossover Single-Fixture ROI Calculator

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Application Request Form

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