Lighting Solutions

Armed with extensive indoor and outdoor lighting products and vast service capabilities, LSI Lighting Solutions is focused on meeting product and service needs that are critical to your lighting requirements. This group of responsive lighting professionals is dedicated to providing you with innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions, dependable service and extraordinary value to our customers. LSI is a US manufacturer with manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States.



specification-grade area, ceiling/canopy, wall mount, roadway, parking garage, linear, bollard, interior and bridge fixtures, plus poles 
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Outdoor (LED & Non-LED)

specification-grade and premium-grade outdoor area, flood, ceiling/canopy, wall mount and strip lighting fixture, plus poles 
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Indoor (LED & Non-LED)

specification-grade and premium-grade interior direct/indirect, parabolic, recessed troffer, strip, industrial, clean room, high bay, emergency/exit and architectural designer and RLM fixtures 
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Landscape (LED & Non-LED)

specification-grade decorative area / building, architectural feature, landscape and bollard fixtures 
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Sports (LED & Non-LED)

indoor/outdoor tennis courts and other selected specialty sports applications 
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Wireless Control & Information Systems

LSI Controls offers three smart control platforms which allow you to define and control your commercial lighting systems while reducing your energy and maintenance costs up to 50%
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