LED Lighting Products

For nearly four decades, you have trusted LSI to deliver innovative, valued lighting solutions designed specifically for your needs. Today we are continuing that effort in leading the development of revolutionary LED lighting, from LED area lighting to LED canopy lighting to LED parking garage lighting and beyond. Built upon our own Crossover LED technology platform, LSI LED lighting solutions are destined to change the world as we light it. 

Experience Makes the Difference
LSI has more experience in fixture design and manufacturing than any other LED company – we have more LED experience than any other lighting manufacturer. We have been very deliberate in the development of our LED products. We have invested considerable resources to develop the best solid-state lighting technology available to give you reliable LED solutions that deliver the best lighting for the application.  Our LED fixtures go through rigorous testing in our ETL certified lab and are tested and listed to UL standards by independent labs to ensure we are delivering the best, most reliable product available.  We back our LED product with a 5-year warranty.  We are so convinced that our experience and expertise will meet your lighting application that we prominently display the LSI logo on all of our products, giving you peace of mind that comes with knowing that we stand confidently by all of our products. You are making a big investment with your LED lighting system. Make sure you make it with a company you can trust to stand by their product today and down the road. Invest with LSI – it’s time to cross over from traditional lighting to LED. 

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Poles & Brackets
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Artistic Light Panels
Decorative Pedestrian Scale & Area Lighting
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Inground Lighting
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