Masters of Illumination

Landscape and Architectural Feature Lighting

For decades, LSI Greenlee was recognized as a leader in  landscape and architectural feature lighting solutions.  Often referred to as the Masters of Illumination, LSI Greenlee set the standard for quality and performance with luminaires designed and manufactured for high performance, energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership through the life of a project.  Today, LSI continues to build upon the LSI Greenlee heritage by developing innovative lighting technology and fixture designs to deliver excellent landscape lighting solutions. 

With a broad offering of high-performance LED and HID solutions, contractors, lighting consultants and landscape architects can light and transform landscapes and structures from the mundane to the majestic.   From office buildings and lifestyle retail centers, to gated community entrances, country clubs, theme parks and museums, to statues, sculptures and monuments -- LSI landscape lighting products light the way. 

LED Lighting Solutions

Line & Low Voltage Lighting
Bullet Lighting
Inground Lighting
Bollards Lighting

Metal Halide Solutions

Line & Low Voltage Lighting
Bullet Lighting
Inground Lighting
LSI Greenlee LF
LSI Greenlee RDB RDS
LSI Greenlee Hyperion Bollard
Hyperion Bollard