LSI LED Mirada Round Area Light (XMR)

The Mirada Round's sleek radiused design makes it perfectly-suited for alternatives to the straight lines of the original Mirada, for architectural applications. Its cost-effective die-cast aluminum housing makes its acquisition cost very competitive. The Mirada Round uses high performance silicone optics, 35,000+ lumens and is available with integral and wireless controls. US & Int'l. patents pending. 

  • Industry-leading photometry through LSI’s exclusive new molded silicone optical system
  • Contemporary, sleek, low-profile, radius styling
  • Integral motion Sensor (IMS) Energy Saving Control Option Available
  • Low EPA value
  • US & Int'l. patents pending 
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Mirada Series also includes the XALM area light, XWM wall sconces. Mirada post tops and bollard fixtures also coming soon.


Applications Resources & Photometrics
Name Files

XMR Photometric IES files

Description: Updated 4/4/2017


XMR LM-79 PDF Reports

Description: Updated 4/4/2017


XMR Revit File

Description: Updated 4/4/2017

Reference our Product Specification Sheets and Installation Instructions concerning any limitations that would restrict the use of the IES Design files and LSI Industries Lighting Calculation Tools for specific applications.

LSI Industries (All IES Files)

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LSI Outdoor LED Fixt. BUG Summary

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LSI Industries Revit Files

(All Revit Files)

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LSI Industries Revit Files Metric

(All Metric Revit Files)

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LSI Revit IES Library

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LSI Revit Family User Guide

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(Guide for using LSI REVIT Families & IES Files)




ROI Calculators

(Standard & 5 Fixture)  (Excel format)

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Excel Illumination Estimators

(Excel format)

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LED Fixture 3-D AutoCad Models

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LED Fixture 2-D AutoCad Line Dwgs.

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LED Fixture Images

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Application Request Form

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