LED Area Lights – LSI Practica (PLCS)

Retrofit to LED and Start Saving Today! 

LSI’s Practica LED area light gives you the best possible lumens per dollar in the marketplace. The sleek, 1-piece housing ensures the optical unit and internal components are protected from any contaminants. In addition the low profile fixture means very low EPAs for the use of lighter gauge poles. Reduced energy, pole, installation and maintenance costs – all take a slice out of the costs that affect your bottom line.

    • Low Cost – The Best Possible Lumens Per Dollar
    • Low Profile
        • PLCS – Less Than 2" Thick
    • Two Sizes 
        • SS – Over 16,600 Lumens
        • HO – Over 21,900 Lumens                 
    • Up to 139 Lumens Per Watt
    • Distribution - Symmetric
    • 4000 or 5000K Cool White color temperature
    • 0-10 Volt dimming energy saving is standard
    • Mounting - Now available in (5) five mounting options:
        • Direct to pole
        • Adjustable knuckle
        • Wall mount
        • Wall mount with tenon
        • Internal fitter with tenon
    • Virtually maintenance free
    • 5-year warranty
Applications Resources & Photometrics
Name Files

PLCS Photometric IES Files

Description: Updated 5/10/2016


PLCS LM-79 PDF Reports

Description: Updated 5/10/2016


PLCS Revit File

Description: Updated 9/7/2016

Reference our Product Specification Sheets and Installation Instructions concerning any limitations that would restrict the use of the IES Design files and LSI Industries Lighting Calculation Tools for specific applications.

LSI Industries (All IES Files)

Description: Updated 5/8/2019 (15mb)


LSI Outdoor LED Fixt. BUG Summary

Description: Updated 4/17/2019




LSI Industries Revit Files

(All Revit Files)

Description: Updated 10/18/2018 (86mb)


LSI Industries Revit Files Metric

(All Metric Revit Files)

Description: Updated 10/11/2018 (98mb)


LSI Revit IES Library

Description: Updated 10/18/2018

(Download to use with the LSI Revit Families 4.8mb)


LSI Revit Family User Guide

Description: Updated 10/27/2017

(Guide for using LSI REVIT Families & IES Files)




ROI Calculators

(Standard & 5 Fixture)  (Excel format)

Description: Updated 11/12/2018


LED Fixture Images

Description: Updated 5/8/2019 (69mb)


Application Request Form

Description: Updated 4/18/2018



RoHSARRAul listed

Specification Sheets
Installation Instructions
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Lighting Calculator Tools