LSI Petroleum Lighting

LSI has delivered the most revolutionary lighting solutions to the petroleum market since opening its doors in 1976. We pioneered the development of leading-edge lighting innovations like the Scottsdale® and Crossover® LED canopy fixtures, giving you high-performance lighting that uses less energy and requires virtually no maintenance. Today we continue in our tradition of leadership and innovative product development as we continue to deliver today's best-in-class lighting solutions for interior and exterior applications.

LSI LED Crossover Gold Canopy Lighting
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Whether you are upgrading an existing site or building a new one, LSI has a broad offering of effective indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for you. Utilizing leading-edge software, our applications team can help you develop a fully integrated lighting system. We understand the many zoning and energy challenges you face, and are committed to delivering lighting solutions that meet those requirements.




LED Lighting Solutions

LED - Emergency & Exit Lighting
LED Life Safety
LED Life Safety


Metal Halide & Fluorescent Solutions

LSI Greenlee Decorative Area & Pedestrian Lighting
Exterior Fluorescent Lighting
 Lite Mart - F15
Lite Mart - F15
Illuminated Building Products
Interior Lighting - Accent Grid Ceiling
Interior Lighting - Accent Open Ceiling
Linear for Retail
Linear for Retail
Interior Lighting - Technical Data